Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween tic-tac-toe

My computer is my Canvas did the CUTEST template on her blog:
I mod podged it to a magnet sheet and sewed up a little pouch for the pieces (I forgot to take pictures of the pieces).  The girls love it!

Halloween party!

Bubbling root beer was a hit with the kids and the adults!
We used The Big H brand extract - YUM!  I wasn't willing to pay a dollar per glass, so I found these in packs of 6 for a dollar in the wedding section at the dollar store (o:
We all took pictures in our costumes with a big mirror frame I had.

Peanut butter balls turned out great dipped in white chocolate 

I had the husband make these sucker stands for me the night before the party and my nieces painted them up with chalkboard paint.  I'm so happy with the way they turned out!  I made these teeny suckers to display.

I got the idea for these super cute bat boxes online.  I can't find where I saw it though.  If it's yours, please let me know and I will put a link to your site.

I copied old love letters from my great-great-grandfather to my great-great-grandmother and my husband folded them into boxes for me.  Adding bat wings made them the perfect Halloween favor boxes! 

These cute coffin boxes were inspired by a post on Better Homes and Gardens:  They even give you a template to print out for them!  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

I've always wanted to try these candy corn topiaries from Better Homes and Gardens.
I used an old rake handle for the "trunk" because I refused to pay $3 for a dowel.
My camera doesn't do anything justice...sigh.

I found this old candelabra at the thrift store - fantastic! 

Introducing...Faithy the Fruit bat!

My photoshop skills are quite lacking....
Had to erase the mess I forgot to clean up before pictures (o:

Fairy hair pins

Dollar store flowers, Dollar store bobby pins and some hot glue make the CUTEST fairy hair!

My little Fairy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Dollar Store Wreath

Renting makes decorating much harder.  I'm having a hard time making the transition from owning to renting, so I've set out to come up with decor that isn't permanent.
I got this cute idea from Thriftydecorchick at .  (I hope she doesn't mind)  I just couldn't pass it up!  It takes some cardboard and about 4 stems of leaves from the Dollar Store.  A little hot glue here, a wreath hanger there and Voila!  A great Fall wreath to make my rental look that much cuter!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Faith, Rahel and I decided to spend the afternoon painting pumpkin faces on the acorns we gathered yesterday.  We discovered a wall of scrub oak just outside my doctor's office and spent the entire afternoon gathering fallen acorns in the parking lot.  People were giving us the strangest looks as we scrambled between cars and up into the brush to claim our treasures!  We had such a great time comparing acorns and talking about squirrels.

Grammie's birthday

 Faith and Rahel asked if they could make Grammie a birthday present this year.  Faith has been eyeing my cricut lately so I let her pick the pictures to make these cute paperclip bookmarks.

We used the BIG paperclips for these.  Faith cut the pictures out twice, then sandwiched the paperclip inbetween them and used glue dots to secure.  I think they turned out pretty cute (o: